UGH Board Members(1)

On this and the following "Leadership" pages you will find a list of our Guild's current Board Members. These dedicated people have an undying passion for the ukulele are actively working to share information about building and playing the ukulele so its legacy will continue on forever.

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Kimo Hussey has had a life-long interest in playing and teaching ukulele. Though not a builder he has a keen understanding of the importance of how ukuleles are made.

Vice President

Keith Maile is a new builder with a zeal to build many more ukes and the drive to learn as much as he can as quickly as he can to take his building skills to all new heights.


John Covey is new to ukulele building. His interest in stringed instruments dates back to when he was very young. He considers himself a builder/enthusiast as opposed to a player.


Presently vacant position.

Board Member

Mike Chock, smitten by the delightful sound and shape of the 'ukulele I fell in love with this unique island kine instrument. All things 'ukulele are way cool and I pursue this passion with my 'Ukulele making School Hana Lima 'Ia, here in the heart of industrial Kalihi passing on to others the love of 'ukulele-making for the past twenty years. The journey is simply fantastic and my advice to all is "jump right on in, get plenty room and the water's fine!"